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October 29, 2013

Sparta Pet Sitters was recognized by pet owners in Plano, TX and surrounding areas as one of the best LOCAL pet sitting companies in Plano, TX.

The Plano Star Courier Newspaper gave recognition to Sparta Pet Sitters to let pet owners in Plano, TX and surrounding areas know about Sparta Pet Sitters and their quality and professional pet sitting and dog walking services. 

1st - High ratings and positive reviews by proud pet owners across the North Dallas, TX Area. See what many pet owners who have used and experienced our services have to say about Sparta Pet Sitters, our team, and our services. Click on the following:

2nd - We have many clients who are happy to share their experiences using Sparta Pet Sitters pet sitting and dog walking services with you. You dont even need to ask. We will provide you with REFERENCES.

3rd - State of the art technology to provide great convenience to our clients. This is a favorite feature that many of our clients enjoy and love. Many clients have said that our services are not just outstanding, but we also provide convenience with a FREE online account. CLICK HERE to open an online account. Clients who create an online account with us have the ability to request services online with fast response on their cell phone, computer or tablet. Clients can create a profile, view schedules, change schedules, update our pet sitters with their pets information and the clients information. Clients can also view and pay invoices online and not have to deal with leaving a check or leaving any cash. Clients can communicate with the pet sitter, read pet sitter notes, read and see their status and updates on how their pets are doing. Clients can see online when pet sitter has completed services, and much much more.

4th - We are Bonded, Insured and Members of Pet Sitters International. Sparta Pet Sitters focuses on providing clients with great peace of mind. Bonded and Insured is vital for pet owners to know when hiring a pet sitter and this is the first question you should ask, "Are you bonded and insured?" We are Bonded and Insured by Business Insurers of the Carolinas. Business Insurers of the Carolinas has been providing General Liability specifically designed for pet sitters since 1995. BIC’s coverage includes the broadest Care, Custody and Control coverage for the pets and property in your care whether at your client’s home, in transit or at your home. BIC also provides bonding designed specifically for professional pet sitters.

Being a member of and certified by Pet Sitters International (PSI) has its privileges. It is also very important for pet owners to know as they provide us with training and certification to  prepare our team of pet sitters . 

5th -We offer a wide variety of pet sitting and dog walking services to our clients.CLICK HERE to learn more about our services. We also make sure to be as flexible as possible work around our clients schedule. Our goal is to make sure that our clients are happy 100% of the time.

6th - Our rates are among the best in the North Dallas, TX area.CLICK HERE to learn more about rates. We are always making sure that our prices stay very competitive as well as our services provide professional and quality pet sitting and dog walking services. Our rates have shown to be very affordable to pet owners and provide a lot of convenience and added value to our services. Many people have seen that when comparing our rates to other pet sitters or pet boarding facilities, they contact us because they know they can save at the same time providing their pets with the love and individual attention that they deserve.

7th - Our team of professional pet sitters are among the best in the North Dallas, TX Area.CLICK HERE to learn more about us, our team, and our clients. Our team of pet sitters before being hired have to pass a background check, must have experience taking care of animals, must own a pet, are coachable, trainable, and can follow instructions well. Our team includes people that have a lot of love and passion for animals. They also go through a training process to make sure they perform great pet sitting and dog walking services. at every level. 

8th - We have BACKUPS. You will work with a pet sitter who will focus all their attention in making sure that your pet is happy and well taken care of. However, if the pet sitter is sick and cant make it to watch over your pet, we will immediately send a back up to continue your pets routine as well as its love and care. Our pet sitters through our online software will constantly add notes that will also help our back up with any information on how to care for your pets. This is another BIG convenience and peace of mind to our clients. Our clients love that we have BACKUP PET SITTERS.

9th - Call us between pm and starting service is very fast. Call us today at 972-850-7806 to speak with one of our representatives to set up an initial consultation to get you started with pet sitting and dog walking services. For faster service, open an account online by CLICKING HERE. Fill out information about yourself and your pet, and set up an initial consultation to meet one of our professional pet sitters. 

10th - We accept all sorts of payments to make it convenience to pay for our services. You can pay with credit cards, debit cards, checks and money orders by mail, Paypal, E-Check (Paying online with your checking or savings accounts), and gift cards with a visa, master card, American Express logo. We also offer safe and convenient ways to make payments for pet sitting and dog walking service online in your account, by phone, or mailing payments to our office.

11th - We offer pet owners "PEACE OF MIND" knowing that their pets are well taken care of, they are being loved, and making sure they get the individual attention that they deserve.

Reasons why pet owners choose us versus others

1st -High ratings and positive reviews by pet owners who have experienced our services. See what proud pet owners across the North Dallas, TX say about Great Paw Pet Sitters, our team and our services on our guestbook, Facebook, Yelp, Thumbtack. Click the on the following: